Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Day.............

This is the letter I am giving to the staff at my son's Childcare Center tonight.  We also sent them a Edible arrangement for lunch time.  ;) 

 Today is his last day.....


To All Pumpkin Patch Staff;                                                                                        8/27/2014

It’s an unbearable thought leaving your 3 month old baby in the hands of someone else, however I never thought of leaving him anywhere else. Although, Trevor attended Pre-school at the Patch this was all new to me. I never dropped at 12 week old baby off to someone else, nonetheless a daycare center.

To my surprise there were 3 familiar faces wandering around the patch…..10 years later. To my surprise I found myself so comfortable with leaving my baby with Ginae and Barbara. They were the best from the very beginning whether it was the care they were giving him or when they were reassuring me… “It’s ok, you can go to work now”.  I went to work feeling that they genuinely loved him and would keep him safe. Looking back I think that was the hardest room to move up and transition from, for both myself and Tanner.

As, we went through each room of the Patch, we had our “favorite” teachers, our favorite things to do and our not so favorite things.  Tanner always adjusted well anyway and that is in part of his constant comfort level in just being there with all of you. Tanner has grown so much, learned so much and made many early childhood memories with all of you. It’s the first 5 years of his life and attending Pumpkin Patch has been nothing but a positive and influential experience. 

It’s time for him to go off to Kindergarten and those words choke me up, but not as much as I was choked up this morning after I said my good-byes to Chris…..)as I cried heading down Washington Ave Ext.)  Yes, I will see her again and she will hear from my in-laws about crazy Tanner, but regardless, I will miss her. I will miss her advice, her just chatting with me about life, her jokes about my crazy kid, her emails when he did something nutty during the day, her rocking him in her rocking chair waiting for me to come pick him up when he was sick, her PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING when the tuition was LATE and her making the Pumpkin Patch a place for children to learn, grow and be loved when it’s not possible for everyone to be a stay at home parent. 

I can’t thank you all enough for all you have done for us. I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you.

Enclosed is a book for each room at Pumpkin Patch, he is leaving a “Tanner” mark in every room he transitioned through as his Thank You. He will miss all of you so much. 

With love...