Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love is not cliche

Valentine's Day. It's a day for LOVE. Love. Just Love. There is always a reason to LOVE and there is always room for more LOVE.

Many call it a Hallmark holiday. Many list all the cliche reasons they hate it from being single, over priced flowers, cards or dinners. Many ask "Why do you need a special day to tell the people you love that you love them?"

I think the answer is easy and I may have many reasons as to why I LOVE Valentine's Day but with that said I also wholeheartedly  agree that I don't need a "special day" to tell my boys how much I love them because I tell them and show them non-stop everyday (and I'm serious) however, I find nothing wrong with giving a little extra love, making a special dinner, or giving someone you love a little extra surprise on February 14th. If you have people in your life to LOVE and have people in your life who love you then that's what it's all about.

I learned to LOVE Valentine's Day as a young child. My Grandfather would surprise me for as long as I could remember with HUGE heart boxes full of chocolate just because he loved me. My Mom surprised me one year with a bedroom make over when I got home from school...a new pink comforter and curtains, just because she loved me. My family taught me what love was and they taught me that Valentine's Day was about LOVE and it was as simple as that.

Now I do the same for my boys just because I LOVE them. I LOVE making them treats and giving them little Valentine's just because I LOVE them and it's fun for me. I want them to know it's a day about LOVING people and when they are older I do not want them to hate the holiday like so many do because they don't have a girlfriend at the time and I don't want them to tell their wife "It's a dumb holiday or a waste of money" but maybe take this day and just give her that extra kiss, if they have a daughter maybe give her flowers too, send their Grandmother a card and remind her how much she is loved or remember to call me just to tell me they LOVE me even if they just talked to me yesterday.

It's about the LOVE. The love you give and the love you receive and there is nothing cliche about that.