Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What did you complain about today?

I try not to complain. I tend to very positive and look at the glass as half full instead of half empty.  (My Husband tells me I live in a fantasy world)
But in all honesty, I think you really have to be that way. What is negativity and complaining going to do for you anyway?
Am I saying I NEVER complain? No, I complain sometimes like the rest of us however I usually complain in a way where I can slide a joke in there and just move on.
We as human beings complain way too much.  We complain when our alarms go off yet we should be happy that we woke up to another day. We complain we have to go to work when so many are unemployed and we are lucky to even have a job.  We complain our house is too small yet I see homeless people. We complain because our parents are annoying/sufficating yet so many of wish for one more day with theirs.  We complain we have to help care for our grandparents yet so many of us wish our grandparents just remembered who we were. Women complain their husbands snore and so many women wish their husband was lying next to them at night even if they were snoring. Men complain their wives have gained weight yet some men are watching their wives waste away from breast cancer and wish they were able to pack on the pounds.  We complain our kids are driving us crazy yet some where there is a couple just wishing they were able to have kids to drive them crazy. We complain when it’s too hot we complain when it’s too cold. We complain we’re busy but then complain when we’re bored. We complain about the government no matter what they do. We complain about the President even after we voted him in.  We complain when our kids are sick and we have to scramble to arrange things, yet a parent somewhere dropped everything, jobs and homes to care for their dying child. We complain our spouse works too much yet a spouse of the Military may go to work for an entire year. We complain we have to cook every night yet your neighbor can’t afford groceries this week.  We complain about gas prices but should be happy to have a car to put gas into. We complain about the wait at the doctor’s office for our sore throat yet the person before you took more of the physicians’ time because he was explaining diabetes to them for the first time.  
What did you complain about today?

Thursday, January 24, 2013


As I sat with Trevor at the meeting about HIGH-SCHOOL tonight….the chaos of the morning came into my head. I realized how sad it will be when in a few years I will be down a kid (as he will be off to college) and I will wish that voice was at my door saying “Mom we over slept, I missed the bus”.  As I sat there I just could not believe how wonderful this person is sitting next to me. Here’s what I realized: I have never had to yell at or ground this kid, I have never heard him swear,  he has never gotten less than an A on any report ever, he helps me without complaining, he loves me and he is not afraid to show it, he has told me “love you” on the phone in front of his friends, he is responsible and trustworthy, he tells me truth, he gives me a hug every night without fail before bed, he is the best friend any kid could ever have, and he truly loves his little brother more than life.  
Our family has been through a lot in 2012 yet he is my untouched soul.  The cruelties and happenings in  the world have not touched him.  He is pure and he is kind.  I hope he never loses that no matter what life may throw at him next. Love you so much Trevor Manning Martin.

Fun times..Good Morning NOT

So the toddler comes in my room every morning about 5:30, we snuggle until my alarm goes off at 6am. Sometimes he falls back asleep, which he did this morning so I turned my alarm off (so he could sleep) with intentions of getting right up, Guess who fell back asleep, until I hear the teenager at the door, Uh Mommy we over slept it’s 7:15…His bus comes at 7:05. We jet out of bed, I freshen up, wash face, get half way dressed while trying to get a crying hungry toddler, cleaned up, teeth brushed, and dressed too. Teenager is ready with coat on just waiting (because that’s what he does) and I still have NO pants on. Toddler is crying for food, I said you will have to eat in the car as I yell down to teenager to start the car and get toddler a drink and muffins for car.  Make a quick coffee, grab coats, bags and teenager is getting toddler in the car. Car is still frozen because it’s below zero and he could not get him buckled in the seat.  I try; yep one buckle is either frozen or randomly broke. (Of course it is) I buckle the harness part and then use the seatbelt and buckle his waist in, as he is yelling in irritation that this wrong and it’s not the way he gets buckled. (Yes, I know this kid) We pull out of drive way, oh yeah can’t see the window is still frozen I spray it with washer fluid hoping that will clear me a spot….sun is blasting in my eyes and I am driving through the neighborhood looking out a little circle! This was a great thing to do being that the kid wasn’t buckled correctly.  Pulling out of the development, window is clear and toddler is yelling “who gave me milk” teenager “I did” toddler “well I don’t drink milk in the morning I drink juice” Mom “well today it’s milk, be nice your brother was trying to help” Race to the middle school he is only 15 minutes late for school. Not sure if I am suppose to go in with him to sign him in late, I don’t have time for that and that would also mean I would have to get the toddler out of the unsafe contraption of a car seat buckle. I tell him just go in, you’re a great student they know you’re not a delinquent, (because that justifies breaking school rules) if I need to write a note I will tomorrow, I love you have a good day.  Now heading to daycare….and my unshowered , cold and frazzled self made it to work on time!!! I make it to work on time on a day that starts out like this really? Really?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



I miss your face. I miss your laugh. I miss your goofy ways. I miss hearing you call me Meathead. I miss your music. I miss you sitting in that chair. I miss your random dumbass texts. I miss you making fun of me. I miss your fun yummy mixed drinks. I miss your grumpy ways. I miss you driving the boat. I miss you telling me what I should do. I miss how you would say “don’t I get a kiss” like I am still a kid. I miss making you proud of me and I miss being your daughter. I miss you all the time and with your birthday coming up I can’t get you off my mind!!!! Love you Daddy!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paying it Forward...

January is a BIG month. It's the month to make a fresh start, it's the start of a new year, it's the first chapter of a book that has 365 blank pages to fill. It's also a BIG month of birthdays in my family....my Mom, myself, my son, my Gram In-Law all have January birthdays. My Dad was also a January birthday.

This January I would like to do something different. I would like to pay it forward. This world is full of depressing nonsense. Every time I turn on the news it's horrible. There is never anything good to be said. I believe there is still hope and happiness to be found in this world. It's up to each of us to find it and be a part of it. I am not perfect, never claimed to be, but all in all I am a nice, caring , giving and loving person. I genuinely care about people. I think people should be kinder to themselves and to each other. I am not talking just once in awhile I am talking on a daily basis. A smile can go a long way, holding a door, letting a car in when in traffic or buying a co-worker a coffee...there are SO many examples and many of them are free and just common courtesy. It's up to us to rid ourselves of the negative mind and believe we can make a difference in someones day by just being kind. I often feel like I am going through the daily motions busy working Mom....blah blah blah. But some days I truly feel like I am not doing anything to make a difference. I want to make a difference somewhere, some how.

So for the month of January and using the money I would have spent on a gift for my Dad's 54th Birthday I am going to pay if forward. Every day I am going to pass on kindness. There will be 31 Random Acts of Kindness and I will blog all of them.

Smile and Inspire. 

Day 1 ~ 1/1/13

We went out to breakfast to the little newly renovated diner in our town. It was our first time back since they had redone the place. It was cute. Anyway, our meal was good however, the orders were a little mixed up. The server fixed everything and we didn't complain. We had 2 coupons and I decided instead of keeping the 2nd one for a later date we would give it to the woman and her 2 children sitting at the table next to us.
See that was too easy.

Day 2 ~ 1/2/13
Today was for Woman, All woman of all ages, sizes, background...just all of us. 
I went into the public Women's room in my office building and hung this sign on the mirror. There are so many woman that are not told enough that they are beautiful...inside and out. I hope it made someone smile! (It said Smile, You're Beautiful)

Day 3~ 1/3/13
Today I used a little money to spread some random kindness. I just wish I could have seen or heard what they thought. What would you think or do if you came across this
 "Random Act of Kindness"? 
I taped money to the snack machine and the soda machine in my office building.

Day 4~ 1/4/13
Today was a crazy busy day. I was rushing as usual to get out the door and to work. The simplest task was my "Random Act of Kindness" and not to brag I do hold the door for people everyday/everywhere. I am very conscious of that. Anyway, the guy that was slow poking behind me this morning was carrying a bunch of stuff, had a cast, arm in a sling and was very flustered walking into the building as I overheard him asking someone where such and such office was. I walked briskly into the building because I was cold and well late. LOL... I made it to the door and looked back he was still coming...slowly but surely so I held the door and then waited and held the second door...I also asked him if he knew where he was headed what floor etc.... It was a simple gesture but he was very appreciative in his tone when he said "Oh Thank you and then Thank you again" The simplest things can help someone out. :) 

Day 5~ 1/5/13
Today I left a treat for my mailman. I felt that is one profession that is overlooked. They do a service for everyone everyday although it's not the type of service that gets many Thank Yous. Yes, they get paid and it's their choice but I am sure not many of us even know what our mail person looks like. They deliver our mail everyday no matter what the weather conditions are or what's happening in the world....at the end of the day we have mail. So today I left a thank you card with a brief note and a box of cookies for him. I wanted to bake them myself but I just didn't have time. Such a slacker LOL

Day 6 ~1/6/13
Today was Sunday. We only were out for a little while to go to Trevor's Travel Basketball game. 

After the game we went to Gabriels to grab a few things. Our "Random Act of Kindness" was that I grabbed a cart from outside and I asked Steve to bring the other cart in that was left in the parking lot. ;)

Day 7 ~1/7/13
I got to work and got settled. I hear Doc coughing and coughing. I made him a coffee and brought it into him and then I got him some soup for lunch. He was appreciative :) 

Day 8~ 1/8/13
I left a treat in the elevator for someone to find. As my youngest would say "a treasure". On my way into the office I left it in the parking garage elevator, right in the corner. It is for a man. It was a business set that included, a pen, key chain and business card holder. Of course it had a note on it "Please Enjoy this Random Act of Kindness"

Today was also my Mom's Birthday. I did a lot of kind things for her today!!!! I planned a small little party at my house for her. I would of done this anyway so it's not really "random" but made sure I got all of her favorite things and tried to make it extra special!!! <3

Day 9~1/9/13
I donated Tanner's old winter boots, hats and mittens to Pumpkin Patch. They always need extra things on hand for the kids. ;)

Day 10~ 1/10/13
Tonight after the gym I walked over to Price Chopper and filled the bottom row of machines each with a a quarter. Taped a simple note to one of them. ;)

Day 11~ 1/11/13
I sent my Husband a little encouraging random "Love Note". We have been doing so well at the gym and I wanted him to know that I was proud of him/us. 

Day 12~ 1/12/13
 I didn't write the complaint letter I was seriously thinking about writing.  Long story but in the end I decided it wasn't worth my time and effort. She is the one who has to live with herself after treating people like garbage.

Today all four of us went to visit Grandma Shannon's for her 89th Birthday Celebration. She was happy to have all of us there.

Day 13~ 1/13/13
A friend of mine is having surgery tomorrow. I made her and the family a dinner and brought it over this afternoon. Lasagna Rolls!! YUMMO

Day 14~ 1/14/13
Monday.  Yuck! Thinking positive. I am lucky to have a job as so many people are unemployed and don't want to be. 
I left this in the stairwell of the parking garage at work.

DAY 15~ 1/15/2013
Today! WOW! There was A LOT of kindness but this is something I would have done no matter what.
It just didn't leave me much time for "Random" kindness.
I got a call from my sister and she had just finished up at my nephews appointment. His physician was sending him to the ER at Albany Medical Center. She not only needed a ride (as she was dropped off) but she needed support and someone to be with her. I left work and went and got them. We went to ER and sure enough my lil man needed to be admitted. He needed IV antibiotics and we didn't know then but ended up needing surgery. I left them and went to pick up my toddler from daycare and then headed home fed him and went to my teenagers band concert. They went home with my husband and my mother and I went back down to the hospital to be with my sister and the baby. We stayed with her until 11pm and until he was asleep. I love him and would do anything for him.

Day 16~ 1/16/2012
Today I bought lunch for my secretary. She deserves it. She is a hardworker and ALWAYS here. She is so reilable and my right hand. So I ordered from Spinners where we often order from, however today I tried their online ordering system for the first time. It was simple and to my surprise for every online order they donate a meal to the local food pantry! Score 2 for 1, Random Acts of Kindness.
Oh and Your Awesome B!!!

Day 17~ 1/17/13

Well, today was again for my Nephew....I surprised him with a visit and a Happy Meal!!
My Ocean Potion!!!!!!!!

Day 18~ 1/18/13
Hi!! Today was my mother efffn birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a great time with my fam and friends!

Day 19~ 1/19/13
Ok, Hi, Long day.....really hungover from my b-day...feeling like I an going to puke ALLLL day! I thought I was sick and Hubby kept reminding me that I was just hungover and needed a good nights sleep! However, I still left diapers on a changing table for maybe another hung over Mom who forgot to pack the diapers....LOL

Day 20~ 1/20/13
Hi- Here again.....feeling much better! Holy Cow! Anyway, I left money for someone to buy some gum or candy....and by the way as I was leaving this treasure.....the cashier was staring me down like I was stealing gum or something...... Shucks it was just a little  Random Act of  Kindness! 

 Day 21~1/21/13
Today.....not so much traffic easy going......I consciously let out several cars at Vley Road.....
and Yes....with the bridge work that's HUGE at 8 am.....:)

Day 22~ 1/22/13 
WOW!!! Could it be TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! Did I do anything! Crazy day at work and had to leave half hour early with 2 minutes notice but still held doors open as I left, and  picked up 3 boys from basketball practice and brought them home then I had to go all the way back and pick up a toddler from daycare...spent 2 hours in the car......is this kindness...well sure....would I have done this well yeah sure...but does this leave me alot of time for randomness....well NO! See you tomorrow bitches!

So....today.....I have been following this kid Noah on FB! He was in AMC Children's Hospital, his parents have been staying at the Ronald McDonald house. He was skiing with his family on Christmas Eve and had a horrible accident, he is 15. I randomly came across his story and fell in love with him, his strength, his spirit  and his background. He is a pure inspiration as well as his parents. He just went to another hospital in Georgia...and I only wish him well. I just felt compelled to write him a letter. I told him I think of him and pray for his recovery. He is only a year older than my son and I can not imagine what he and his family must be going through. I send my motherly love and well wishes to this kid every day! Get Well Noah!

Day 24~ 1/24/13
There is this parking garage I have deal with 5 days a week. There is this sweet little old lady that works the booth at the gate. She is very cute and pleasant. She is there to ask where you are going and make sure you are using the correct parking garage. She know me by now she has been there for several years. What I mean by knows me is she recognizes me, smiles and waves me in everyday so I don't need to fidget with my swiper card. Which seems simple but it helps because well every second helps me be that many seconds less late to work. She is the first "person" you deal with when coming into the St. Peter's Hospital outpatient campus. She welcomes you and directs you. She is someone I see almost every day and I am sure no one thinks twice about this sweet lil lady or thanks her enough. 
I made her blueberry muffins and hot chocolate. I wish I could of snapped a picture of me handing them to her and her reaction. She was so cute. She said "Oh my you made me muffins, your so kind and sweet". I felt so good knowing I made her feel good and recognized that morning. Most of the things I have done were in secret without being able to see a reaction and though this may have been simple it made the both of smile at each other even more that day. 

                                        Day 25~ 1/25/13
Today is the reason I started this. Today would have been my Dad's 54th Birthday! It's the day that he always joked was erased from the calendar the day Trevor was born. (1/27/99) LOL
Today was his birthday. Do you still celebrate someones birthday when they are gone? I say NO, but can you remember them and honor their day, well sure. So that's what I did. My Dad loved his beer and music on a Friday night or Saturday night......His beer wasn't the greatest brand (so I hear, I HATE BEER) but he loved it....so the next guy, I am assuming it will be a guy as I don't see many chicks walking around with Busch cans in their hand will get his Friday Night cocktail on me in honor of my Dad. Cheers!!

                                         Day 26~ 1/26/13
I had to return a book to Barnes and Noble that I had purchased for Tanner, as I had purchased the wrong one. Anyway, I put a little surprise in there. Who ever is the lucky recipient of a book all about manners will experience my "Little Act of Random Kindness" 
                                        Day 27~1/27/13
 Today my oldest turned 14!!! Everything I did for him at home for his dinner and celebration I would have done regardless, obviously.  However, I made these slamming cookies for him to bring to his basketball game to share with the team after the game.They were a hit! Well, boys and food that's an easy one!!  Then I over heard a kid tell his Mom, how much he liked them and her response was "anybody can put peanut butter in a chocolate chip cookie" ..... I ignored it and thought to myself ..yes, they were easy to make, but you know what, I made them, I took the time that morning to do this,  I made them to share, I made them for the kids. In one ear and out the other...."Ain't Nobody got time for dat"

                                          Day 28~1/28/13
I have been lucky with 2 HEALTHY boys. I never ever take that for granted. Not everyone is that lucky and I know this. Today when I was checking out I donated to cure Juvenile Diabetes!

                                      Day 29~ 1/29/13

With Heart Disease Awareness Month Fast approaching. I decided to see what I could do today. 

I sent this letter through the American Heart Association website to Paul Tonko and Charles Schumer

You can be an advocate too go to:


February is American Heart Month and as one of our nation's leaders, I am counting on you to do your part to raise awareness and drive policy changes forward that will help address our nation's No. 1 and No. 4 killers, heart disease and stroke. 

From 1999 to 2009, the cardiovascular disease (CVD) death rate declined by 33%. However, CVD still takes the lives of more than 2,150 Americans each day, an average of 1 death every 40 seconds.  We need to ensure that progress continues by focusing on more aggressive and innovative population-based approaches to fighting these costly diseases.

This month is a perfect time to step-up your commitment to fighting heart disease and stroke.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Join the Congressional Heart and Stroke Coalition, if you are not already a member.  Please contact the offices of one of the coalition co-chairs (Senator Mike Crapo, Senator Richard Durbin, Representative Lois Capps, or Representative Chris Smith) to add your name to the roster.

2) Make brief remarks during "One Minute" or Morning Business time on the House or Senate floor about American Heart Month.  Post the video on your YouTube site.

3) Share important heart-health information with you constituents through your newsletter or social media accounts.  The AHA's website is a great resource- www.heart.org.     

4) Host an event in your state or district during Heart Month.  Join with a local hospital or clinic in hosting heart health screenings or a CPR training. Or invite a local cardiologist to speak about heart health or ask constituents who have been affected by heart disease to share their stories.

Thank you for joining with me during American Heart Month- and all year long- to help build healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke. 

Jennifer Martin
Scotia, NY

Day 30~ 1/30/13
Today I told my friend/neighbor that I missed her. We live right next door to each other but I haven't seen her in awhile. With the cold weather, work, kids, after school and weekend's extra activities...sometimes its just hard to catch up with your friends. The thing with this "Random Act of Kindness" is that I don't think people do this enough. If your thinking of someone tell them, whether it be family or friends. it's reminds people that even though you may not see or talk as much as you like they are still an important part of their life. 

Day 31~1/31/13 Last Day!!!!!!!
What I did, I can not disclose just yet!!!!!!