Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Administrative Professionals Day ;)

Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  What does that exactly mean? Well, to me any good business owner should know they would not be where they are without the help of their staff. It’s a team effort to get the job done and keep things running on a daily basis. With that said, who is the first person you encounter and/or the person you primarily deal with at any business the Receptionist/Secretary/Admin. 

Admins are the back bone to any business. I Manage a Physician’s office and I have been in the Medical Field for 20 years. I have been in my current Management position since 2002, and I have ALWAYS made sure my assistants know their hard work is noticed and appreciated not only today but often.  When I was put in the position to have an assistant instead of being one, I knew from experience how not to treat someone if you wanted them to commit to the position and produce quality work. I know how I wanted to be treated and recognized along the way but that didn’t always happen. I think too often many employers that employee staff underneath them especially clerical or Admins look down upon or act as if they are just “replaceable” even though they couldn’t run the business without their help. I think more often that not most business owners have no idea how to treat their employees; they are always complaining , nit picking and worrying about money, it’s the Managers or Supervisors that make or try to keep a positive environment and happy workplace.

Since employees are all different there is not any one tried and true, guaranteed way to make everyone feel appreciated, but you can be certain doing anything is better than doing nothing.

So what are you doing for your Admin today? 

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