Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blogger Questionnaire/Who Are You?

Well, I am just your average working mother...who never has enough time to accomplish all the ideas I have set in my head.

Who am I?

1.  Where were you born? 
      I was born in Glens Falls, NY. 

2.  Were you named after someone?
      My name is Jennifer Elaine. Elaine is my mothers name. 

3.  How many children do you have?
     I have 2 children, both boys. I have a 14 year old and a 3 1/2 year old. They are complete opposites not just because of the 10 year age difference but personalities. My 14 year old son is extremely smart. He is in all Honors classes and has never and I mean EVER brought home a grade less than an A. Well, I take that back, he has in ART! He is also very respectful, responsible, tall (6'3) and athletic. He is a sports fanatic. He plays basketball which is his passion but also loves baseball and plays that as well. The 3 year old is crazy. He is also very smart. He is hysterical and adorable. He has a love for music, especially country and Jason Aldean, he has to be his # 1 fan. He also loves sports, his favorite are soccer, baseball and basketball. He is obsessed with donuts, fruit snacks and smoothies.

4.  How many pets?
      We have 2 cats. One is old and a fat ass, but she is cuddly and lazy. The other one is a year old and complete pain in our ass. She is cute but I swear she is a DOG trapped in a cats body. She's fucking annoying as shit, but I can't stomach giving her to a shelter. We lost our beloved dog of 14 years....2 years ago and I still miss him. 

5.  What was the worst injury you ever sustained?
      I have actually never been injured, but my luck because I said that this injury will occur sometime tomorrow. So, I will say... if by injury you mean my stomach and girly parts being ripped open to lift two babies out once in 1999 and then again in 2009. 

6.  Do you have any special talents?
     I think being a natural mother is a talent. I was only 23 when I had my 1st son, but it all just came to me. I didn't need people to come over so I could sleep and I wasn't scared ever to be alone with him. I just knew what to do. 
My other special talent would be chugging wine and making people laugh. I have always made people laugh but being able to put myself out there, outside my circle has been very fun.

7.  Favorite thing to bake?
     I do not love to cook or bake. Honestly, its mostly because I do not have the time. I get home from work about 6 and who the fuck wants to bake or even cook dinner for that matter. I guess my answer would be baking things for my kids for holidays, birthdays or preschool parties..because even if I don't have the time, I still do it because I want to for them! (make any sense?)

8.  Favorite Food?
     I love Mexican food, it's my all time favorite, but I love wine too and those things do not go together...if you know what I mean.  I am kinda a fatty and you would think I would have a whole list, but I don't, food and I have never really been friends...but that's another blog. 

9.  Would you Bungee Jump?
      Hell No.  I have a few reasons but the number one reason is I am so afraid that shit will snap w my fat ass bungeeeeeee. 

10.  What is the first thing you notice about people?
      Attitude, I hate rude people, especially ones that come across like they are Gods Gift...Bitch Please! 

11.  When was the last time you cried?
        I actually had a lump in my throat in the car this morning with a few tears. I heard a song and I just thought so much about my Dad. (He passed 11/2011) 

12.  Any current worries?
       I worry all the time. I am a freak. I mostly worry about my Mom because of #11 (above)

13.  Name 3 drinks you drink regularly
        Coffee- I love French Vanilla coffee and Iced Coffee
         Water- I love water, I drink a lot of water...and that's a true story!!!                                 
          Wine- LOVE my Pinot Grigio.  

14.  What's your favorite book?
        Am I queer right now if I say a children's book because I do not have the time read. I don't even have time to read my ridiculous celeb magazines anymore. By the time this house would be calm enough for me to read, I am tired and reading makes my eyes soooo tired. I do love to read with my toddler, he has a lot of cool books that we enjoy together.

15.  Would you like to be a Pirate?
        Well, actually I would my 3 year old loves pirates. I could be a pirate for a day.....give me some rum, treasure, a flag and I will be Kenny Chesney's Island Girl! 

16.  Favorite smells?
       I love the smell of coffee and muffins in the morning. I love the smell of perfume...I am a perfume addict. I also love when my Hubby wears cologne...but for some reason that is only when we "go out" so the nice shit I bought him years ago is still full. 

17.  Why do you blog?
       I started this blog to heal my soul. 2012 was the worst of the worst and I needed an outlet. I needed to get back to me and share all this nonsense to feel better. I needed to get my feelings out, say what's on my mind. 

18.  What song do you want played at your funeral?
         Oh, lord that's hard. I am a music LOVER. I love Miranda Lambert and all her lyrics.  I'd have to say Only Prettier or Fastest Girl in Town. She is a rockin bitch! 

19.  What is the favorite thing about yourself?  
        My ability to love and accept people. Physically, this rack....a nice push up bra, some glitter and those things can really shine! ;) 
        I also like my eyes. They are shit brown, but with my make up just right I love them.

20.  Favorite Hobby? 
        Do I have a Hobby, now my page/blog 
         In The House of JMARTS

21.  Name something you have done that you never thought you would do?  This is a stumper. I thought I would have a husband and kids and well ...I am not really a rebel. I guess there have been plenty of times throughout my adult life that I thought I would never forgive,speak or see my sister again, but I have and do. ;)

22.  Name something you look for in a friend?
       A sense of humor, honesty, someone who makes me feel good about myself instead of making me feel stupid, less than or the feeling that you are in competition. Someone that if they say something behind your back it wasn't something they hadn't already said to my face. Lastly, someone who doesn't judge you even when you are stupid or make a bad choice. 

23.  Favorite Fun things to do?
      I love doing things with my kids. I love seeing them happy and having fun. I love hanging out with the girls. They make me laugh and keep me sane. I love camping up at the lake and boating. I like having fires and cocktails a night in my own back yard. 

24.  Pet Peeves? 
       Oh boy this is a whole blog...but a few are people sniffing, blow your fucking nose, talking with your mouth full of food, swallow that shit then tell me and not washing your hands after you go to the bathroom or change a babies diaper.

25.  What's the last thing that made you laugh?
         Re-reading our almost daily group text, with my 2 girlfriends. We are hysterical and nuts! Love them.



  1. We have so much in common! I don't think I would be able to write about it this well though!

  2. Awesome. Glad you like it. I want to write more often but I run out of time!!!!